Although each service is available individually, 

Embarking on the Back to You Journey 

starts with acknowledging the need for support. This is your reminder to give yourself grace.  The chart forward is within you, and this program only emphasizes your capabilities. Consider this not as mere hand-holding, but rather a gentle lift from moments of defeat.


What is the 'Back to You' Program?

Constructive Consultation

A consultation where we explore your aspirations and desires, crafting a route towards your personal fulfillment.

Path to You

Personalized roadmap towards reclaiming your authentic self and achieving a profound sense of restoration

Meaningful Maintenance

Check-ins tailored to your ultimate goals, ensuring continuous adaptation and optimal performance

Caring Community

Be part of a community sharing common aspirations for achieving success within the home & self

Program Contents

$30 a month

The program pays for itself. Each member will receive a consultation & roadmap regardless of any specific services booked. You will also be able to join the Facebook community where you can share tips, tricks & motivation.  

Applying the membership:

Each monthly payment can be used toward a specific service, collected per month to pay for a service entirely, or even donated to a friend. 

Example: 2 monthly payments can be used to receive $60 off a cleaning service.

*Full Home Reset bundles are exclusive to those within the program and require consultation. 


Individual Services

One & Done 

Pricing options vary based on the complexity of each service. Please note that listed prices serve as a general outline and may be adjusted accordingly. Consultations conducted for services to reach fair price

Cleaning- $30/hr       Organizing- $20/hr        Errands- $15/hr

Child Care- $30/hr or $600/weekend


Bundle Options:

Pantry Reset: $200 (Organize Containers Included)

Kitchen Reset: $300 (Clean & Organize)